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Profile of Community Leadership: Toronto, Canada

CTAO Board Members 2015
Mr. Sonam Lankar, President (in the center) with his fellow board members.

The Canadian Tibetan Association of Ontario, representing the second largest Tibetan community in North America, elected a new leadership last August. The current board members of the Toronto Tibetan-Canadian community held their inauguration on August 1, 2015. Mr. Sonam Lankar, the new president, along with his fellow board members have made a commitment to serve their community for a duration of two years through August 1, 2017.

Mr. Sonam Lankar, born in Bylakupee, leads the current board. His family’s journey to Canada had been a long one. He finished college in Bangalore and shortly after was employed by Japanese company for few years before he made his way to California where he and his wife worked different odd-end jobs. It wasn’t finally until 1998 that his family was able to call Toronto, Canada their home. Sonam Langkar la not only posses entrepreneurial spirit–he is a real estate agent and part owner of two Tibetan restaurants­–but he also exhibits community spirit by giving back and serving his community.

Sonam Lankar la is supported by a board of twelve other community leaders:

Tashi Lhundp, Vice President
Lobsang Mentuh, Fundraising Coordinator
Geshe Thupten Chemba, Religious Coordinator
Salden Kunga, Chadrel, Coordinator
Kalsang Dolker, Education Coordinator
Dhondup Yangzom, Cultural Coordinator
Tsering Kalsang, Accountant
Lhakpa Tsering, Kitchen Coordinator
Tenzin Theckchok, Fundraising/Kitchen Assistance
Tenzin Norsang, Event Coordinator
Ugyen Ugyen, Secretary
Chemi Lhamo, Youth Coordinator

The Office of Tibet is excited by the new energy and leadership of Sonam Lankar la and his colleagues and they are doing an excellent job in their first six months of service. We are optimistic that the new leadership will continue to build on the excellent effort and contribution of the previous board led by President Tsering Tsomo la. Community leaders like Sonam Lankar la and his colleagues are the ones doing the real hard work of strengthening the community on a daily basis and we extend our support and appreciation for their service.

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