Tuesday, October 17 2017

16th North America Tibetan Association (NATA) conference concludes successfully.

Washington DC, Spetember 12, 2017: Sixty-two participants representing Twenty Seven Tibetan Associations in North America adopted 13 pages resolution in the 16th North America Tibetan Association conference, which was held from September 8-10, 2017.

The resolutions adopted in the conference covered three main areas related to His Holiness the Dalai Lama visit to North America and his security arrangements; Intensifying the Advocacy on Tibet with the support of International Campaign for Tibet and Office of Tibet, Washington DC; and strengthening the Tibetan Associations in North America by improving the structure of the Associations, reaching out to Tibetan Buddhist Centers and serving Tibetans in preservation of Tibetan culture, language and religion.

The members also unanimously resolved to organize mass campaign in New York city to raise the issue of Tibet and show solidarity with Tibetans in Tibet on December 10, 2017-Human Rights day; to form an umbrella organization-a federation of all the Tibetan Associations in the US to strengthen Tibetan Associations; and thank International Campaign for Tibet and Tibet Fund for their exemplary contribution.

The conference has witnessed the maximum turn out of members, consisting right mix of both young and old, Some of whom are attending the conference for the first time but all are equally passionate, dedicated and sincere in working for cause of Tibet.


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