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Mining and the new colonization of Tibet

Mining in Gyama Valley, Tibet

by Stephanie Law →Dominion Stories December 10th 2010 In the next five to 10 years, there might be a change in what comes to mind when thinking about Tibet. The 2008 Olympics in Beijing saw an international outcry against the Chinese government’s oppressive policies and practices in Tibet. Mass riots …

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Four China Political Trends to Watch in 2011


Russell Leigh Moses Wall Street Journal [China Real Time Report] December 22, 2010 This year will likely go down in history as a year when the Chinese government showed its mastery of crisis management. The leadership in Beijing sidestepped financial crisis, deftly handled rising labor costs and unrest in the …

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Seeing science through a spiritual lens

By Amy Yee Special to The Washington Post Saturday, December 18, 2010 NEW DELHI – The northern Indian town of Bir was greeted with an unusual sight when Scott Schmidt carried six-foot-long plywood sheets on his head through the streets. Schmidt, who develops exhibits for the Smithsonian, had retrieved the …

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