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  By Thubten Samphel (Director of the Tibetan Policy Institute based in Dharamsala, India) June 20, 2014 What’s happening to our man in Beijing? Zhu Weiqun is on the warpath again. His ramblings on the Middle-Way Policy are getting even more frenzied by the day. Whenever he is in the mood, it seems he consults […]

Does China Plan to Do Away with Its Minorities?

  By Thubten Samphel The Huffington Post May 20, 2014 During a visit this week to the Tibetan countryside of Dechen in Yunnan, Yu Zhengsheng, a member of the standing committee of the Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party and chairman of China’s top advisory body, assured Tibetan Buddhist leaders that the party would fully […]

The Dorje Shugden Conflict: An Interview with Tibetologist Thierry Dodin

 May 14, 20 [Source:] What is the Dorje Shugden conflict actually about?  This conflict arose in the 17th century and since then has played out on many levels. In essence, the question is whether the four main schools of Tibetan Buddhism, – Nyingmapa, Sakyapa, Kagyupa and Gelugpa – are equal or whether one of […]

Tibet Tweets to China and China Tweets Back

  By Thubten Samphel, The Huffington Post April 29, 2014 Official Chinese view of the Dalai Lama is well known. Successive party officials have called the Tibetan leader a “wolf in monk’s robes” or “a devil with a human face, but with a heart of a beast.” On the other hand, the Chinese Communist Party […]

Tibet’s long road to peace with China has an end if suspicions are put aside

  By Tenzin Norgay South China Morning Post | Print Edition 28 April, 2014 Modern China has a wide range of problems. Hardly anyone doubts that Tibet is a historical and political problem for China. In the passionate debate about the status of Tibet, few realise that Tibet’s modern peacemaking project with China began a […]

What Can the Dalai Lama’s White House Visit Actually Accomplish?

On February 21, the Dalai Lama visited United States President Barack Obama in the White House over the objections of the Chinese government. Beijing labels the exiled spiritual leader a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” who seeks to use violence to free Tibet from Chinese rule. The Dalai Lama, who fled to India after a failed […]

Tibet’s Panchen Lama: 25 Years After

  By Thubten Samphel January 30, 2014 On 28 January, 25 years ago, the 10th Panchen Lama of Tibet died at the age of 51. Popular Tibetan opinion commonly refers to the 14th Dalai Lama and the 10th Panchen Lama as the “sun and moon” of the Tibetan Buddhist firmament. They are the center of […]

Vested interests block reconciliation in Tibet

  By Thubten Samphel The Asia Times Online December 16, 2013 China’s anti-splitism bureaucracy is up in arms. This time the Chinese Communist Party bureaucracy’s fight against separatists is turning against scholars within party think tanks who dare to suggest accommodation and reconciliation with the Dalai Lama is needed for when the time comes to […]

China needs to change view of Tibet

  By Abanti Bhattacharya Asia Times Online December 4, 2013 The source of the problem in India-China relations is not Tibet. The problem is rooted essentially in how China perceives Tibet. China’s flawed perception on Tibet both colors and distorts its relationship with India. For India, the intractable border dispute is the primary issue inhibiting […]

Tibet’s quiet militarization rings a loud bell across Asia

  OMER AZIZ The Globe and Mail (Canada) Thursday, Nov. 28, 2013 For the past two years, the Asia-Pacific region has been central to both the Obama administration and the Harper government’s Asia strategies. The multiplicity of states, increasing economic potential, and a general shift of power eastward have made the Asia-Pacific region vital to […]